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Jingan District "cultural and Creative Industrial Park" capacity expansion to 9

2016-05-26 11:11:51

After Tong Le Fang Park in November 2014 for the first batch of "Shanghai cultural and Creative Industries Park," the title; Jingan district and 800 Show, source of innovation, Ken, 98 Park, media Park, modern, Huizhi, Sanle, a total of eight homes in the District, through the city, the founder of the review, the title.

In the recently held the awarding ceremony, the city by letter to the committee, the Business District Commission, committee of science and technology, Cultural Bureau, creative industrial district association of the relevant responsible person, to the representatives of eight homes in the District issued "Shanghai cultural and Creative Industries Park" nameplate.

Related responsible person said, area of garden of industry of culture and creative industry agglomeration area of "two cards", will reach unity of cultural and creative industries in seven aspects and fusion, unified brand, unified policy, a high degree of unity, statistical data unified, unified capital, cultural and creative industries in the development of a unified and were arrested the unity of major projects. "Two cards and one" will provide a new opportunity for the development of Jingan Industrial Park and the cultural and creative industries.

At the awarding ceremony, from the source a creative park and Creative Industrial District Association jointly build for Jingan district design creative enterprises and creative public service platform -- Jingan District, "the source of a interactive platform" was formally established. The platform through real-time delivery of the government's industrial policy, information sharing, complementary resources such as way, help entered Jingan creative enterprises, in order to attract more creative class enterprises, talent and works agglomeration Jingan, promote cultural and creative class emerging industries in the sustainable development of Jingan.

- Shanghai cultural and creative industries leading group office of the office of information release platform

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