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Shanghai Kai Lun paper printing group Co., Ltd is a large state-owned group with a long history. Shanghai paper can be traced in Westernization Movement period Li Hongzhang created by China machinery paper making industry precedent -- Shanghai Paper Making Machinery Bureau, evolved for the group's chapter of days recording paper mill.

New China was founded in 60 years, is also a group of Kai Lun to witness the development and change of Shanghai paper and printing industry and the gradual growth of 60 years. Today, Kai Lun has been built into a stable business, balanced development, the main business highlights, the competitiveness of a comprehensive group of companies.

Into the new historical period, Lun group to resource integration to promote transformation of the group's business model, value based management to promote group management mode reform, established the "paper-making and printing integration, land resource intensive, own assets securitization" of industrial development goals, adhere to the "printed on paper as basic industry, modern service industry is an important support to asset value-added management

To break through the innovative development model, through the paper, printing, hotels, cars, investment linkage, and constantly achieve better and faster development.

60 years leisurely years, after the baptism of the vicissitudes of life, open predecessors Lun Ji the indomitable and tenacious vitality, passing the deferred, tenderness, and inheritance; the future course of development, Lun successor will seize the development the commanding heights, swagger hoofs, good governance.

Lun with employees, customers, society value chain rely on each other and woe. In the practice of scientific development, and the environment, keep pace with the times, the book Lun Lun to create a new future.

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